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Monday, 28 August 2017

Black Magic Totke

Here, we are going to explore about the black magic Totke which help to improve your life. Performing this kind of Totke takes negativity away from your life. These Totke never hurt others but they change your life a lot.

Black Magic 5 Totke

  • Your kids do not take interest in study, here is a solution. Take 5 leaves of BARGAD, put different kind of sweets on it along with two green ilachi. And put it under the pepal tree and pray for your kids and their study. You must do this totka on Thursday, Shukla Paksha before 30 minutes of sun set. After doing this, do not look back. Do this totka continually three Thursday.

  • If something auspicious is always interrupt because of some issue or getting late, perform this totka. On Sunday, head to Bhairav temple and offer SINDUR KA CHOLA. Then offer the desired thing to cow, crow and dogs, chanting this mantra“बटुक भैरव स्तोत्र´. You must keep doing this totka 4-5 times and problems will go away.

  • On Saturday, you must add Kala Chana in your diet. It helps to bring the prosperity and lift up the fortune. Apart from it, serve a roti having mustard oil to a black dog. It plays an enormous role to accumulate wealth into the home.

  • In the evening, never perform these things like sleeping, reading and eating. If you have been doing this then you must stop doing this. It diminishes the ways responsible to bring prosperity.

  • To get success and more profit in business, light up an oil lamp under the peple tree. Never see back after performing this totka.

Totke For Love and Vashikaran

The relation between wife and husband is one of the very important relationships. If it goes well, many people remain happy in their life.

If you have been facing some kind of problems in your married life, you must go through these totka. Let’s have a look.

Totke For Love And Vashikaran

  • To revive the love between you and her/him, take one banana and mix it well with Gorochan. Apply this prepared paste on your forehead. Performing this totka helps to enhance the captivating power. You spouse will do love a lot to you.

  • There is another totka for which you have to prepare a paste of Nariyal, Dhatura Seeds and Kapoor. Add some honey to it and mix it well. Apply this paste on your forehead in the form of Tilak. You must apply this Tilak on daily basis. The person you love will never let go from your life.

  • If your husband is not taking interest in you then you must try this another totka. When you both taking food, on that time take some food from your plate and put into the plate of your husband without his knowing. It works magically and create a lot of love between both of you.

  • Apart from it, you may try this another one. On Friday or Thursday, cut some hair from husband’s choti on the midnight. And you have to keep them at a place so he would not be able to see them. After some days (4-5 days) throw these hair out of your house. Whenever you feel he is not following you, you may try this totka.

  • During Navratra, go Lord Shiva temple and serve panchmrit to Shivling. After this, clean whole temple. Then, worship lord Shiva as per rules. On the same day at 10 pm, light up fire and chant this mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAY and offer in fire 108 times.

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